Why you should cycle the world

DSC03257_FotorTo make this clear – I don’t want to suggest to everybody to cycle around the whole world – but if you are a cyclist and even if not you should consider doing some trips with your bike and here is why:

  1. Most of all. Cycling will give you an experience of a country you will just not get by driving with a car, train or bus. You can stop anytime if you want to, but at the same time you are also present at any time – you can’t hide behind your windows and this is a huge advantage. This way you get much closer to your environment and the people around.
  2. It is save. If you cycle through 3rd world countries doesn’t matter if you cycle around with a 100 dollar bike or a 10.000 bike. For those people riding a bike is a lack of choice, it means you obviously could not afford a bus or even a car. In many cases this brings you even closer to the local people because while I tripple locked my bike in Europe, in China I usually wasn’t using my lock at all.
  3. You will reach the most non-touristic places you can imagine. Even when we cycled through Thailand which tends to be overrun by tourists we cycled for weeks without meeting any other tourist. Even in Europe you might find some secret jewels.
  4. You don’t have to be fit to start. Traveling by bike means full flexibility – even if you haven’t been cycling for years you still can make 20km in the morning and 20 km in the afternoon. You will be able to do 60 to 80km a day very soon.
  5. It is cheap. Depending on the area you go you won’t need a lot of stuff. It does depend on the country and on your style of travelling of course, but if you want it cheap you can have it – even if you fly to Asia. I will do a detailed list of average cost per day for various countries shortly.
  6. It is easy. You don t need to know a lot, you don t really need a plan. All you need to know is Visa rules and weather conditions. Everything else does make it even more  of an adventure of your lifetime.
  7. Everyone can do it.



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